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Hasitha Tudugalle


Born in Sri Lanka, 1982

2006-2008 Studied at University of Southampton

Hey there! Welcome and thank you for visiting my page. Hope you enjoyed going though some of my photography. My name is Hasitha and I’m a professional photographer based in Sydney, Australia.

Well, a bit about myself I guess. I think I’ve been lucky in a sense that I’ve had the opportunity to experience different cultures and life, growing up and living in different parts of the world. I’m originally from Sri Lanka but lived in Singapore since I was twelve. Then I went to the UK, where I completed my undergraduate degree and worked for four years. Engineering of all things, can you believe it? Melbourne was my next destination, where I lived for a short time before making my way to my final stop, Sydney where I’ve been living since 2011.


Since my uni days, I’ve always carried a camera with me capturing every moment of my life. I had this crazy idea of having a biography of my life in pictures when I’m old and grey. Growing up I was into drawing and painting. I love animals so I used to draw animals like owls and tigers and my favourite cartoon characters, the Ninja Turtles. I don’t know why, but in my late teens I stopped my painting. Guess I was busy with more important things and just didn’t have the time. Anyway, what started out as a hobby has now grown and developed into a profession and I guess I sort of portray my painting and drawing skills into my photography.


I like to explore different aspects of photography. I do wildlife, nature, events, family portraits and digital art photography. Please click the link below to see some of my recognitions and achievements.


If you have any requests or enquiries about my photo shoots and photography, please contact me via the contact page or just shoot me an email.  


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